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HSE policy

The Prevention Policy Hygiene Safety & Environment.

Because we occupy a prominent place in the construction industry in Cameroon and it is painful to have to deplore accidents of our collaborators.

As environmental protection is a priority global issue for the prevention of our species, we are committed to continuously improving the safety of our employees and preserving the environment through our own practices.

To do this, we decided to pass on “Safety first!”.
We have initiated an HSE Management System and the content will be progressively made available to you through the relevant communication channels, including printed documents, e-mail, posters, sensitization meetings, training … and all other means that will be judged appropriate.

Safety first, it means “the men first”.
Risk assessment at all workstations is essential. Preserving the physical integrity of our employees is our overriding concern. And, more importantly, it also preserves our expertise, our know-how, and know act.

Safety first and the preservation of the environment are mandatory investments.
As an integral part of our management approach, they are a source of progress and must become second nature for all of us. I consider that the health and safety of our employees are essential to the success of our business.

Our goal is to be a company with zero accidents.
To do this, we must realize that it is our behavior that leads to insecurity. The consumption of alcohol, drugs, or any other illicit substances is prohibited. Everyone including our suppliers and subcontractors must help develop a strong safety culture and preserve the environment.

All our managers are primarily responsible for safe working practices and conditions. Everyone is responsible for their own safety and the safety of their colleagues. To achieve our “Zero Accident” goal, we must work together and commit ourselves to the five golden rules of safety.

  • Design
  • Explain
  • Respect
  • Analyze
  • Improve

Everyone must be aware of the importance of the issue, talk about it and commit, in all circumstances, to passing the safety and preservation of the environment first.

Our full involvement in the continuous improvement of prevention is not negotiable.
I know I can count on you.

President General manager, Les Bâtisseurs Réunis