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Concrete Plant

Our concrete plant BPE (Concrete Readymix) of ” IMER Group ” brand, is designed to produce concrete in large quantities.(For your large building projects, paving, flooring or large-volume structures or volumes, need for high-strength concrete concrete, …)

It offers a high quality concrete and complies with different orders or resistance requirements for each of your projects.

It consists mainly of:
• Cement silo equipped with a filter to ensure the best possible quality,
• Aggregate silo (sand, gravel …) or a scraping ray conveying these,
• Dosing tank of these aggregates,
• Weighing system for all materials,
• Water supply equipment with tank and pump,
• Concrete mixer or mixer.

The production is made from a control zone allowing:
• control of weighing systems of materials,
• measuring the humidity of the aggregates via hygrometry detectors,
• the dosage of water supply according to the desired level of fluidity

In addition, in the interest of compliance with environmental standards and sustainable development, our mixers are the latest generation and equipped with sealed covers that prevent the release of dust during mixing.

This has the dual advantage of improving the quality of the concrete produced and avoiding environmental pollution.

Finally, we also assure you the routing and delivery of concrete by our trucks top for a fast implementation and complies with the rules of art.